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7 Tips to Succeed at your Startup Interview

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After doing weeks of extensive research and finally finding a promising startup, you must be brainstorming ways to secure a place for yourself somehow.

All you have to do is succeed at the interview and the job will be yours.

Getting through a startup interview is hard as any other interview out there. But having an outstanding CV with a lot of degree certificates and qualifications will not be enough for you to get through a startup interview. There are so much else to be considered.

Startups especially target individuals who can go extra miles with very limited amounts of resources at their disposal. They basically love people who can show enthusiasm and passion for work even when a bit of chaotic and less organized structure is omnipresent.

You must be a person who possesses all the above qualities. Otherwise, you won’t be applying for a startup in the first place. So, how are you going to nail your interview and secure the job once and for all?

Don’t worry! I’m here to tell you seven tips that might help you in acing your startup interview.

1. Make Sure To Do Some Research.

It is always better to do some prior research before going to an interview. Your amount of preparation might decide the degree of success at your interview. Never go to an interview without doing your homework first. If not, you might look like a complete fool in front of the interview panel.

Make sure to find out ABC’s of the startup before going to the interview. Get a general idea about their mission, vision, strategies, market, competitors, and its overall structure. When you convince them that you have a sound knowledge of the startup, they will definitely show more interest in you.

2. Discuss Your Role.

Startups are newly found organizations. Their founders might not be having a lot of experiences themselves. So, make sure to set the records straight from the very beginning. Discuss the specific things that they expect from you. You should honestly admit whether you have the capability to deliver what they require or not. If you have past experiences, you can use them to bring in new ideas about your position. However, make sure not to show off as it might be enough to disqualify you straight away.

3. Reveal Your Priorities.

Often the interviewers want to know more about the priorities of candidates. So, be prepared to answer if you happen to come across such a question. Even though your priorities might change from time to time, you must at least state your most important ones at the moment. What do you expect to gain from working at a startup? Is it only payment you seek? Or is it mentoring? Do you intend to go higher in this field? Whatever your priorities are, make sure to prepare answers that can impress the panel.

4. Ask Questions.

Working at a startup is not as smooth as working at a well established entity. It is often more chaotic and uncertain. Individuals who cannot adapt to these situations do not thrive at a startup. As a result, startups often want to hire employees who can adapt well to any situation.

The best way to show them that you are a fast learner who can adapt to any condition is asking well constructed questions. So, make sure to do some prior research. Question your employer about the company culture, work expectations, strengths, weaknesses or anything that seems fit. Trust me when I say that companies love innovative people with curious minds. Once you establish you as an individual with a lot of potentials by loading them with impressive questions, it will be really hard for those recruiters to turn you down.

5. Develop Good Communication Skills.

Having good communication skills is a must to nail any kind of interview. You must be wise enough to use right words at the right time. In addition to displaying perfect verbal skills, developing perfect body language in communication is also important as bad body language can convey wrong messages to the other party.  Make sure to say what you mean and mean what you say! Developing good communication skills is a sure way to secure any kind of job opportunity.

6. Ask About Salary At The Right Time.

It is true that negotiation of salary is very important in any kind of job interview. However, unlike well-established organizations, startups tend to hire employees who demand less money as possible. Startups are organizations that are still developing. Therefore, if you demand an extravagant salary straight away, you are most likely will not get the job at all. So, if you really want to have the job, make sure to demand a salary that is neither too large nor too low. Also, don’t forget to keep the salary and benefits talk to the very end of the conversation.

7. Follow Up.

Make sure to maintain contact even after the interview. You can always ask for a business card and show that you wish to maintain contact in the future too. Sending a thank-you note after the interview will help you to make a good impression. Following up after the interview will send a loud and clear message to the recruiters that you are really passionate about having this job.

In order to get through a startup interview, you must prove that you are the perfect fit who has the necessary talents.

Once you succeed at demonstrating your genuine enthusiasm and passion in front of the interview panel you will be able to secure the job without any problem.

Ranjeet Sethi is an Entrepreneur, Contributor, Author, PR & Marketing Consultant for many Startups. He is a Director of Noise Communications Pvt Ltd also a Founder of few startups. He is Blockchain Enthu and occasionally writes about Business, Startups & Leadership at various Publications.

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