How Successful People Make Use Of Their Failure To Their Advantage

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Fear is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to success. And as much as we try to convince ourselves that we are confident about our actions, chances are the fear of failure can prevent us from achieving all we set out to achieve. While a successful response to failure is all you need to achieve success; very few people have that ounce of self-believe to conquer their biggest fears.

Nevertheless, research has proven beyond reasonable doubts that finding success in the midst of failure can only happen if we focus on results instead of putting so much effort into not wanting to fail. Let’s face it, while it makes a lot of sense to try to avoid failure, I have found that doing this puts us at more risk of failing the more than people who focus more on achieving their goals.

I know this may sound pretty easy and basic, but then when confronted with the consequences of failure we might fret a little.

So, the question now is how do you use your failure as a springboard to success?

Here are some tips that successful people have found absolutely helpful. These tips helped them turn their failure into success. If they can, then nothing can stop you too.

Don’t Try To Shield Failure

Who says you have to get it right all the time? Sometimes failure is that ingredients that fuel your desire to become successful. So, instead of trying to muffle failure, break the bad news to yourself. What can be worse? Instead of beating yourself too hard about where you went wrong, acknowledge your failure and learn from it. Also, never let someone else point out your failure. That can mean a lot of things. Firstly, it can mean been lazy and ignorant and secondly it could mean been a coward, and you wouldn’t want that will you?

Provide An Explanation But Never Give In To Excuses

Yes, you have made a mistake but have you owned up to it? Trust me; this can do your image a lot of good. Instead of trying to give excuses for what you did and didn’t do, own up to your mistake. This shows people that you’re not just confident and accountable but someone with unrivaled. So, before providing an explanation for your failure; double checks to make sure you are only spewing facts.

Have A Blueprint Of Correcting Your Mistakes

Of course, you have made a mistake; life doesn’t end there. You can still get yourself out of the current mess you find yourself if you have a plan in place. Yes, you have owned up to your mistakes, that wouldn’t make it all go away. Far from it; you have got to clean your mess and this you have to do yourself. To make things easy for you, you can tell your superior about what steps you want to take to make things right again.

Put Together An Action Plan To Prevent Future Occurrence

While it makes a lot of sense to have a plan in place to fix your mistakes, it makes even better sense to have an action plan that ensures such mistakes never repeats itself. Remember once bitten, twice shy. So, having a smart action plan to prevent future occurrence will convince people that even in failure, success is inevitable.

In A Nutshell

Failure is one factor that is inevitable.

We all must have encountered one at some points in our lives. So, instead of trying to muffle it, own up to your mistakes and be committed never to let them happen again. This is how successful people turned their failures around.

Ranjeet Sethi is an Entrepreneur, Contributor, Author, PR & Marketing Consultant for many Startups. He is a Director of Noise Communications Pvt Ltd also a Founder of few startups. He is Blockchain Enthu and occasionally writes about Business, Startups & Leadership at various Publications.

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