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Common Mistakes That Startup Founders Should Avoid

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Today, startups are filling the entire market.  Students are even getting advice not to look forward to graduating and immediately look for a job, but instead to work as much as possible when in school to build names for themselves by putting a lot of time into startups and business ventures. However, there are many mistakes that can arise when starting up a business, hence it is better to try avoiding them.

Here are Mistakes that startup Founders should  avoid:

Founders Should Avoid Being Alone:

Startups should have more than one founder. The purpose for this is credibility & Support.

Having more than one founder helps to divide the work. It’s also an important thing to have founders from various backgrounds so that every one of them has something distinct to contribute to the mix.

Founders Should Avoid Choosing The Wrong Location for their Startup:

If a business gets situated in the middle of nowhere, it can be hard not only to create an attraction for talent but also the business that will help the founder to create and launch his/her company. If a startup has an idea and plans on doing it the best way possible, moving to a huge city where there is more happening is suggested. At the start, it will be very hard to get used to a new town and all other new changes, but with time it will be worth it.

Founders Should Avoid Doing Too Many Things At Once:

One of the largest issues that startups have is trying to perform various things at once. This leads to distractions and means that there is less focus on crucial work.

Founders Should Avoid Hiring C Employees:

Normally it can take around two to three months to hire an individual depending on the area of the person. It is preferable for the founder to be on watch 24/7 and not to stop recruiting people. Talent takes time to find, but it’s possible. For example, If a startup is associated with the tech industry, the founder should make sure that he/she is hiring quality programmers.

Founders Should Avoid Launching Too Soon Or Too Late:

If a startup launches its venture too early, there could be a probability that the item isn’t finished, and won’t fulfill buyers. The principal issue here is that if the task isn’t done, it will kill its customers and as a result, individuals won’t come back. There is also an issue of propelling past time. This issue gives an awful picture to the organization and also makes an opening in the organization’s pockets since keeping the lights on costs money.

Founders Should Avoid Raising More Or Less Than The Capital Required:

Startups make this type of mistake all the time. Founders must ensure that he/she has developed a complete business plan that he is constantly improving and following strictly. This business plan should be the startup’s guidelines. The founder must also keep track of his/her finances and know when he/she is running out of cash.

Founders Should Abstain From Budgeting Problems:

At the point when the founder raises funds, he/she may overlook that cash is anything but difficult to consume. Despite the fact that a founder may feel like he/she have everything secured, that will not be the situation. There are surprising costs that go along the way. Considering this, itis encouraged that the founder should keep every one of the costs as low as he/she can. The founder ought to arrange each receipt and reach out as much as he/she can for the organization’s income.

Try to work with the important number of workers. Another case of burning through cash could be trying to move into a precious office space before the organization is making any income. There are numerous cases of new businesses that explode their account by leasing pleasant workplaces.

Founders Should Acquire Knowledge And Expertise To Avoid Mistakes:

Raising money is a tough thing. Dead money is the type of investment that comes from a person who does not give any added value to the business.

A good example of this is founders that only bring their friends or family members to the business at an early stage of the business.

This type of investor will not contribute the drive required to have a successful business. This can also turn off angel entrepreneurs and capital firms that might need to jump into the financing.

Founders Should Ensure That Their Product Is Marketed Effectively:

A startup may have a special product. Yet if nobody knows about its product, it will be the same as if it is not available. The Founder should make sure that he/she get the word out and get to many individuals as possible.


Maintaining a business is difficult. It’s best for the startup to offer something that it has a proven track record in. This will make a new company more prepared if the founder put in a couple of years working in the same type of business before beginning his or her own particular business. If the founder does not have industry experience, he/she should look for it, or buy a framework to assist.

Ranjeet Sethi is an Entrepreneur, Contributor, Author, PR & Marketing Consultant for many Startups. He is a Director of Noise Communications Pvt Ltd also a Founder of few startups. He is Blockchain Enthu and occasionally writes about Business, Startups & Leadership at various Publications.

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