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Tips to Avoid Financial Disasters When Starting a Business

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It is well said that “you always have to spend some money first if you want to get some in return.” Also, expenses are unavoidable when carrying out a new business venture. Starting a new business can be a tricky thing. So, you have to take every step only after calculating the risks very carefully.

Many businesses fail in their very first year due to lack of solid and strong financial foundations to support their future goals and ventures. Usually, they go downhill after costing their founders all their personal wealth and assets. There are some ways that ensure the financial stability of a business organization.

So, I’m going to tell you some best tips that will definitely help you in avoiding any major financial disaster and to protect your personal wealth along the way to your success.

Don’t Invest All At Once.

If you are at the beginning stage of your business, you should make sure not to invest all your money in it at the beginning. A new business can either work out well for you or go downhill without giving any warning. You can be a 100% optimist, and that is a very good thing. But it is better being a realist than a complete optimist when dealing with businesses. You should be ready to anticipate any possible outcome that might occur. So, the wisest thing to do is to keep some money for you without cashing it in, all at once.

Have An Emergency Cash Cushion.

It is considered best to have at least two years’ worth of money for expenses with you in case of an emergency. There are going to be difficult times on your way, and various financial barriers that you might have to overcome. If you already possess some extra money up your sleeves, you can face these tough situations without being stressed out at all.

If you are the founder of your business no one outside will come and pay your bills for you. You also have the responsibility to take care of your employees. You can’t just abandon them in the face of a financial fiasco. Therefore, it is really important to maintain some form of emergency cash cushion that can be utilized at a time of financial trouble.

Attract Investments.

Starting a new business is a high risk to take. If you decide to invest your money on a new business, then you have to maintain your other investments a bit more reserved. Your money alone will not be sufficient enough. You will have to draw in investments from external financing sources.

How can you make other people interested in investing your business?

You will have to convince them that your business is so unique and you can provide them what other businesses often fail to deliver. First of all, you should prove that your business has a lot of potentials and manifests signs of a promising future. The best way to do is to increase your circle of customers. In order to do that you will have to implement an excellent customer service that can attract more customers to your business. Once more customers start to rally around your business, various external investments will start to flow right into your company.

Get An Insurance.

Anything can go wrong at any time in business. No one has the ability to predict what might happen in future. If something bad happens, it is your responsibility to take care of both yourself and your employees. Therefore, it is really important to get business insurance in case something goes wrong.

You can always consult a professional insurance expert to help you decide the right type of insurance plan for your business.

Experts usually encourage business owners to have disability insurance on top of other types of insurance. They say that it is a sure way of ensuring the continued survival of your business even in your absence.

Hire Only When Needed.

You can start your business with a minimum number of employees or even you alone. However, as it takes off, you might need to hire extra people for help. But you need to be careful when hiring new people. If your business has employees more than you can handle or pay, you will be in great trouble. Make sure not to overload your company with unnecessary employees. Be wise to hire the right ones only when you need them.

Manage Your Finances Well.

If you are good at managing finances, you can do it on your own in a systematic manner. However, if managing finances is a bit unfamiliar to you, you can always use accounting software to track all your financial activities or can hire employees related to accounts.

Pay Attention To IRS.

Someone new to the business world always finds IRS rules to be a bit confusing. If you have any doubts regarding IRS and how it works, it is better to consult an expert. It will help you to establish a business structure that can meet your expectations without getting caught in the government tax policies.

Your new business can provide you the personal autonomy and financial independence that you have always desired.

However, if you wish to maintain the financial stability of your business for a long time, you might have to be prepared to overcome any kind of financial obstacle forthcoming your way.

Ranjeet Sethi is an Entrepreneur, Contributor, Author, PR & Marketing Consultant for many Startups. He is a Director of Noise Communications Pvt Ltd also a Founder of few startups. He is Blockchain Enthu and occasionally writes about Business, Startups & Leadership at various Publications.

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