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Why Females Make Better Entrepreneurs than Male Entrepreneurs

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One of the common perceptions in the business world today is that men make better entrepreneurs than women. And while this seems to be one of dominant mindset in the male-dominated industry, I beg to differ as my years of experience in this industry has given me an opportunity to work with both male and female entrepreneurs so, I’ll say I know better.

While this post may irk quite a number of people out there, it isn’t intended as I’m only sharing facts from what I have learned from working in this niche for decades now. So, without any further ado, here is why I think women are better entrepreneurs when compared to their male counterparts.

Women are More Open and Honest When Doing Business.

You just have to give it to them. Women are more open and honest about business.

This isn’t surprising giving their knack and dedication to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Instead of bottling their fears and failings like their male counterparts; women are more open to discuss their shortcomings and things they are not doing right. Like it or not this is what brings about success in the business world. The moment you realize your flaws and what you’re not doing right, you already know what to tweak to bring about success. And guess what? This has giving female entrepreneurs an edge over their male counterparts.

Women Are Emotionally Intelligent.

The value of communication in business cannot be overemphasized, little wonder why entrepreneurs are always advised to interact with their customers. More than making a sale, this creates so much value for businesses as you can easily build a network of loyal customers through responsive communication. Well, women have recognized this and are using this to their advantage. Their emotional side makes them easily connect and interact with their customers, employees’ and even the community where their business is located.

Because of their knack to want to make this world a better place while catering for the needs of people around them, including their customers, women entrepreneurs seem to have overtaken their male counterparts who are more concerned about profits. Trust me; customers are only willing to do business with someone who understands their needs and stands ready to leave his/her comfort zone to meet such needs. This is where women seem to get it right.

Women are Smart and Fair When It Comes To Negotiation.

Women’s win-win attitude has made them better entrepreneurs than men who are bent on winning a negotiation with potential client or customer. Although I agree that negotiating with a female entrepreneur can be tough many times, yet still, negotiation is still fair. This for me this is one area where female entrepreneurs are giving male entrepreneurs a run for their money.

Women Value Creativity.

When it comes to business, creativity is everything. It is the difference between a thriving and a failing business. Women seem to have mastered this art and are quite open to creative ideas that will give their business an edge over others. Because of their respect for creativity and what it brings to the table, women aren’t’ scared to employ stellar performers who will spruce up their business. For most men, the mindset is, if you can’t change it, then there is no need trying to.

Women Value Health and Relationship.

Yes, making profits is no doubt one of the greatest reasons why people are in business. But as much as this is important, women know that their overall well-being and those of their loved ones are paramount. For men, business comes first before any other thing, and this doesn’t put us in a position to make smart business decisions like women.

Remember, you have to be healthy and emotionally stable to make wise decisions. And this is where the women win it for me.

While the debate about who makes a better entrepreneur between males and females continue to rage on. The above salient points put all arguments to rest. So, if you think that men are better entrepreneurs than women, you’ll have to think again.

Read through the above points again and you wouldn’t agree any less.

Ranjeet Sethi is an Entrepreneur, Contributor, Author, PR & Marketing Consultant for many Startups. He is a Director of Noise Communications Pvt Ltd also a Founder of few startups. He is Blockchain Enthu and occasionally writes about Business, Startups & Leadership at various Publications.

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